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Learn Design and Animation from the KING

Like you already know, I have been designing for 8 years now. So I know alot about shortcuts and tricks.

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Corel-Draw and Photoshop Files for Practicing

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View hundreds of designs done by Identity King and immerse yourself in my designs

Download Photoshop Mockup Files used in Bootcamp

Teetos Hair

A sneak
peek into the content of the class

The entire course is pre-recorded. So you can access it at any time you need it. Feel free to fast forward, rewind, pause, replay and enjoy. At your own pace.


Watch how I did these logos

I will be adding more tutorials from time to time. Watch out for updates.

Meet Sammie | Your Instructtor

He's a certified crowned beast. Sammie has worked with top agencies, multinationals, and hundreds of SMEs.

Some Softwares he uses

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Access live tutorials of Identity King Designing and Explaining to you in real time

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It doesn't matter if you are a young designer or you're brand new to the industry.

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