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Do you want to learn the best approach to creating Jaw Dropping content designs on Canva using your phone without having any prior experience with Graphic Design?

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There’s a small group of business owners who don’t know design but churn out beautiful content on their social media every single day. They design everything on their phone and can share their content from anywhere at anytime as many as they like.

Majority of them use Canva and if you’re hearing about Canva for the first time, then I would like to assume you live in a pineapple under the sea (that was a SpongeBob joke, you get?).

To be brutally honest, Canva is Everything for a small business owner. The most beautiful part is it is 100% FREE. Except you’re needing more than the FREE version. You don’t need to pay them. Just use them.

Hi, My name is Sammie. I am also known as Identity King. It took me 8 years of constant growth and practice for me to finally accept to call myself the King of Identity. It’s a crown put on my head by my clients and everyone around me.

I started my company @xpressng early 2018 and our ability to create striking content is a huge part of our success. We share the most beautiful designs on our page. These amazing designs go on to help us secure deals and contracts with companies like PZ Cussons, Maersk and the likes.

In summary, we made ₦12,450,000 in 9 months. All from my parent’s living room. Although I ran into a couple of business and family problems which pushed me try secure a mega deal for my company. The mega deal didn’t pull through completely due to Covid-19.

All of these led me to take my focus off Money and rather, share my gifts with the world.

Being a Brand Identity expert, I understand how to appeal and connect to various target markets using designs that appeal to them.

One thing that stands me out is my ability to cut down the time things are normally meant to take by devising a shorter approach. This part of me is inspired by the laziness I have in me. This laziness constantly push me to finding an easier way to virtually everything I lay my hands on.

If I say this is easy-to-use, to be brutally honest, it cannot get easier than this. At the same time, if I say it’s professional, it’s definitely is. However, this one is easy. So easy your 10 year old niece or daughter can be your content designer. That wasn’t a joke.

With this IG Growth Pack, you don’t need to pay any designer forever for anything that has to do with designing content on any of your social media pages. You get designs for your carousels, feed, story, catalog, quotes, testimonials, WCW, giveaway and a ton of other design templates being updated as I have daily conversations with business owners in order to understand their needs.

Don't waste your precious time trying to create content from scratch

with just a few clicks, you too can share stunning posts with your clients on Social Media

Don’t Waste Your Time

Here’s a summary of what you will get in the IG Growth Pack…

100+ Canva Template Slides

5 x 10 Canva Carousel Slides

Tutorial on how to use

The Content Starter Kit.

50 Alternative Color Palettes

100 plus designs per template bundle

A complete package, you don't need to design from scratch anymore.


Ready to take charge of your Social Media?

The most beautiful part is that you get to pick from 5 Unique packs when the IG Growth Pack gets launched. These 5 packs are:

You will be getting all of these and more for just ₦10,000 | $28

The actual market value of this box is ₦125,000 | $312. However, out of the generosity of the Heart of a King, I am making this subsidized and affordable for everyone.


For the luxurious brands. The black, white and Gold rockers. Recommended for luxurious hair, beauty and fashion brands.


For the corporate brands. The white and blue color brands. Recommended for Real Estate companies, Travel agencies, Financial and Tech companies and more similar industries.


For the quite but impactful brands. If you have a minimalist brand, this is designed specifically for you. Recommended for Consultants, coaches and minimalist brands.


This is created with the Queens in mind. Specifically crafted for the soft and feminine brands. If you are a female lifestyle blogger, this pack us all you need.

Hyped Up

Hyped up is for the vibrant and energetic brands. If your brand is fearless and fresh, this is all you need to connect to the freshness the audience wants to see. Recommended for healthcare, skincare, food, agriculture and other related vibrant brands.

We will be making constant updates to the pack. Purchasing this today gives your lifetime access to subsequent updates of the pack.

You will be getting all of these and more for just ₦10,000 | $28 today. The price is guaranteed to go up as it is currently too affordable.

You can order this pack today and pay the subsidized price. Take action today or come back to tomorrow and pay a higher price.

Pay just ₦10,000 and get Unlimited designs to Turn Up your social media platforms with King

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Beginner Friendly

Beginner Friendly

It's so easy to customize, a 9 year old can edit it.

Full Mega Bundles

Contains all you will need to engage on Social Media

Tutorial Included

Comes with video tutorial and PDF content guide.

Premium Designs

Designed Beautifully by Identity King himself

For those that own multiple business, you can order more than 1 pack for your respective businesses. Depending on which one connects the most with your brand’s audience.

Click the link below to make your order.

The price of this pack rises gradually. Do not miss out on this offered discount.

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Beginner Friendly Basic Templates

Online Courses

Online Courses

Graphic Design and Brand Identity Academy

After Effects

After Effects

Animated Motion Graphic Templates. (Coming Soon)



High Quality Professional Templates. (Coming Soon)